Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Rachel Pankhurst

A week on and I still find it hard to believe that Malcolm has actually gone. With National Conference only a few weeks away - it is very hard to even think about conference - knowing Malcolm won't be leading our delegation.

Malcolm was always there for advice and was a calming influence when you thought things were going wrong. He will be sorely missed by the branch but will never be forgotten.

His memory lives on ... particularly in the Green Dragon... where he would often spend his lunchtimes making the most of their "soup and sarnie" offer! Every time I go in there - I expect to see him sitting at a table with his newspaper and a pint of ale.

I shall miss you Malcolm.

My sincere condolences go to his partner Jayne and his family.

Rachel Pankhurst, Magazine Editor/Steward, Croydon Unison

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