Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Elane Heffernan

I just watched the YouTube of Malc and wanted to say;

it made me smile and want to cry in equal measure.

How can you sum up a life with a few words? there are those across croydon and the trade union movement whose lives were enriched by Malc and who can say much better than me what a glorious person he was.

I just wanted to say that Malc was one of those who made you proud to be a trade unionist and a leftie. inthe short time i knew him he seemed to bear every adversity with good humour. he just loved life--he always stood for the right things and the right people and he always did it with music and a little bit of cheek!

we are poorer without him in so many ways


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  1. Malcolm was an amazing trade unionist, comrade and person. Political, gentle, kind, funny, immensely intelligent and with great integrity.

    When I ended up on Unison London Regional committee I already knew who Malcolm was but it was a great pleasure and priviledge to be able to know him better through the awful union structures and our tortured battles against the bureacracy, and an even better priviledge to be at Tolpuddle bumping in to him in more relaxed easier surroundings!

    When I last saw Malcolm outside Lunar House in Croydon at the counter demo to the BNP the first thing he said was "are you going to Tolpuddle " - lots of people have mentioned his empty seat at Tolpuddle and perhaps we need to make sure there is a seat with his name on it at Tolpuddle.