Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Mandy Berger

I am so sad so sad about the loss of Malcolm. He is not just a massive loss to his family and friends but to the trade union movement as a whole.
I loved Malcolm so much he became a dear friend as soon as I met him in the united left caucus in Unison. This is because he was the kindest, most helpful and committed man that I had met in a very long time. He was the man at conferences that made me laugh and get through the gruelling week year after year with a smile. Although I am an avid Arsenal supporter we still referred to each other as the dream team when we stood hand in hand for the convenor and deputy convenor of the London Region. I would always text him after a Chelsea game to congratulate him especially this season and I just can’t believe I won’t be doing that again and I can’t take his number off my phone either.

When my mum died two years ago my uncle wrote to me saying he hoped I would be able to bear the “goneness” and that must be true for all of us who knew and loved Malc. I got through by constantly remembering her in all the wonderful experiences we shared together and I know we all will do the same with our memories of lovely Malcolm.

Mandy Berger

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