Saturday, 9 May 2009

Cllr Karen Jewitt (Lab Croydon)

As a Councillor in Croydon I worked closely with Malcolm for years on the Council and Joint Staff Committee, his fire and fight on behalf of his colleagues was second to none.

There were many times when I agreed with him and found myself sitting on the employee's fence and not the employer's for which I offer no apology, but it was all to Malcolm's amusement watching my Councillor colleagues and Chief Officers faces when I sided with the Unions. I remember once the then Director of Finance storming out of a meeting because I would not back down over the her lack of consultation with the Unions. Malcolm watched in stunned silence as she slammed her papers on the table and marched out the room with me quick on her heels. Malcolm and I had a laugh and a pint later discussing the whole debacle. We were proven right CFI was a disaster..... a bitter victory.

Malcolm once referred to me as Croydon Labour Councils token leftie!

I will miss his commitment for the underdogs rights and his belief that every single person had something to add to society.

Malcolm was a true socialist and comrade. The world is a poorer place without his like.

Councillor Karen Jewitt

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