Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Katrina Hoogendam

It’s strange and sad to be at this time of year knowing that I won’t be emailing Malcolm about the festivals we would be planning to go to –and deciding on the logistics of who can fit into what car. Equally strange that he won’t be at the summer conferences -where I usually ended up attaching myself to the Croydon branch delegation for pub quizzes and meals.

It’s strange and sad to know that someone who I relied on –just for being there –has gone and that I won’t hear his laughter again, or see the quizzical look on his face again when I launch myself fully clothed into the cold waters of Lulworth Cove, or get us all totally lost on a walk.
He was a gentle and admirable man –always there for so many of us - and I guess we always assumed he would be with us for the years to come - making us laugh, helping us out, and not minding when we were all being a bit daft at festivals or at conference.

Malcolm –thanks so very much for being such a good friend and a canny marra. So many of us loved you.

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