Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Phoebe Watkins

It is hard to find the words to describe how i felt when i heard the sudden tragic news of Malcolm's death. My deepest condolences to Jane and his family. Malcolm was one of those people who reflected the best of trade unionist and socialist principles - he was open, approachable, principled and prepared to fight for what was right time and time again. Like many who have written about him,
I got to know him through the UUL and union conferences where our delegation were always sat next to Croydon (I am Camden branch) but what he did outside the conference hall, orgainsing and taking forward the important struggles is how I will remember him and his sense of urgency and being on the ball about many issues will be sorely missed. But I also remember many,many years ago when we were still Nalgo members, and Croydon were on strike (residential Social Workers I think back in the 80's) Malcolm leafletting and collecting money outside meetings - his beard and hair were longer (and probably thicker too!) but his passion for the cause was something you could not pass without getting involved in, and remembering that it is the individuals who take these fights on are those who stay in our memorys.
We will all miss you Malcolm, but will not forget what you brought to the whole movement - unity, to fight for justice, and for being a really nice bloke!
Phoebe XX

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