Sunday, 3 May 2009

Andrew Berry

The movement has lost huge asset and I have lost a friend:

Someone rightly commented that there are so many empty seats; one of those seats will be Regional Committee. You get some strange arguments and justifications put forward by some on that committee some times feels like a parallel universe. When rest of us would be getting frustrated Malcolm would always be so calm and rational when dealing with such arguments even when those argument didn’t make sense. It is not by any stretch easiest committee to be on but Malcolm helped to make them bearable. I wish I had thanked him more for his support on that committee, I will miss him.

On a lighter note I was recalling when he stayed the night at my house with others as we were all going to Birmingham for a conference the next day, in the morning he went out to get some breakfast and came back with Pizzas much to the disgust of others. He argued it just bread with cheese and sausage not particularly unusual for breakfast they remained unconvinced however I loved the idea of pizza for breakfast. Malcolm and me obviously share a taste for unusual breakfasts. On Thursday I think I will have pizza for breakfast again in his memory.

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