Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Mervyn D'Cruze

Mervyn D’Cruze
Croydon UNISON LG Branch

Firstly let me begin by saying my sympathies and condolences at this moment are with the people closest to Malcolm, they are of course Jane Malcolm’s partner and both there families. There friends and of course Malcolm’s office and T.U colleagues, all of who I have no doubt are devastated by the sudden loss of Malcolm as I am as well.

I’ve know Malcolm or as I called him Malc since just after he became branch secretary of Croydon UNISON LG, I was new to Croydon council but was previously a steward in Lambeth where I worked as a school keeper so joint the Croydon branch and that’s where the adventure began. Of conference’s demo’s marches rallies fringes socials Tolpuddle footy and cricket talk and the occasional jar of ale, not to mention the representations negotiations and long conversations all of which I’ve tried to sum up in a poem? /prose for Malc.

Back to Blue Bayou

I feel so sad I lost my friend that day, I so lonesome I wish he had stayed he made me laugh he made me cry I never thought that he may die. Many things we talked about and he new that some were true but one thing he knew to be true that I would always be a friend through and through.

We drank the drink sometimes wine we danced the dance all through the night sometimes even that old soft shoe oh Malc how I’ll miss you, that old Malc blue. Ok you weren’t born in Macon Georgia a poor boy without shoes but you had your dreams that maybe some day we’ll make come true. Malcolm, Malcolm Campbell’s his name his fame and notoriety will on in the Union hall of fame.

Yeah he walked the walk and boy could he talk that talk, he’ll be missed by one and all, so it’s bye bye bye one last time my old red and blue till I see you on the bayou where we’ll sing the song and dance the dance once again.



  1. Merv that's lovely! Love Elli x

  2. Nice one Merv, nice one.
    Malc would appreciate that....