Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Malcolm, I miss you mate

These were my first thoughts (posted on my personal blog on Monday) when I considered Malcolm's death. I will have more to say but I want to say this again first;

One of the ways in which a lifetime of commitment to our movement repays us is that we get to meet friends and comrades who are amongst the finest humans to grace the surface of our little planet.

One such was Malcolm Campbell, Secretary of Croydon UNISON until his untimely death yesterday.

It is too soon, and I am too sad, to articulate the depth of my feelings about this tragic loss. Nor shall I be in the mood to blog immediately about the many topics which require comment just now.

Soon however I shall return to the everyday struggle of trade unionism - and I shall do so knowing always that everything I am or can ever be has been enhanced by having been a friend of a great trade unionist.

Malcolm. I miss you mate.

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