Thursday, 30 April 2009

From Geoff Martin

Malcolm was a great friend and comrade of mine.

We shared so much - our politics, our trade unionism, our football team, our love of music and the odd pint or two in the Windsor Castle.

Malc was one of those guys who are just straight up and down, always there to give you an opinion and always there to give you support. And man, could he argue! I remember disagreeing with him once on a team selection at the Bridge and we were at it for hours!

Like me Malc was no great joiner of things. His politics and his trade unionism came from a life time of living and working in the real world, doing real things that made a difference to his members and those around him. He knew only too well that working people never got a damn thing without standing up and fighting for it.

And Malc was a born fighter.

My thoughts are with Jane and the family at this time.

So, old comrade, stay free and there's many, many of us who will never ever forget you and what you brought into our lives.

Hasta la Victoria!

Geoff Martin

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