Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Farewell Farewell Malcolm

I still can't beleive Malcolm has gone. Even after three days of knowing and trying to get it into my head. This morning I tried to sum up my thoughts on my blog. But in one short sentence I could have said "I will miss you Malcolm you one one of the good guys"

As John Burgess says there will be so many empty seats in different walks of life as a result of Malcolms untimley death. When Sue Plain rang me to tell me I just couldnt take it in. I am glad we all have some wonderful memories of Malcolm to help us through our pain and also try to offer whatever small comfort we can to his partner Jane and the rest of his family. We can all help eachother through our grief.

I shall raise a glass of real Ale on Friday and rememebr the good times we had. It is at times like this I always think did I ever say thanks for the things you did to help me and others.

It shall be a long version of Meet on the Ledge at Cropredy this year, I'll leave a space for you in the circle or arms

Farewell Malc I was proud to have you as a comrade in arms fighting for the rights of UNISON members and so many others. I was equally proud to call you friend, the time we spent together along with many of our mutual friends, (especially your creation "the Secret Seven"),

RIP-Sadly not the same time same place this year

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